Barbados Defense Force

The Barbados Defense Force (BDF) is the name given to the combined armed forces of Barbados. The BDF was established August 15, 1979, and has responsibility for the territorial defense and internal security of the island.

Force Headquarters and  Barbados Regiment, St Ann’s Fort, Garrison, St. Michael:
Main Number               536-2500
Medical Emergencies 536-2083
Operations Room  536-2216
Barbados Coast Guard, HMBS PELICAN, Spring Garden Highway, St Michael:
Main Number               536-2900
Operations Room 536-2947
Paragon Base, Christ Church
Main Number               536-2800
Operations Room 536-2889
Barbados Cadet Corps, Cherry Tree Cottage, Garrison, St Michael
Main Number 536-2000
CEO Barbados Cadets Corps 536-2002
Main Guard - Barbados Poppy League & Military Cemetery, Garrison, St Michael:     
Garrison  Secretary  536-2021
HQ BDF also advises that its new Fax numbers will be:
Force Headquarters, St Ann’s Fort 536-2333
Chief of Staff, Barbados Defence Force 536-2108
Finance and Procurement, St Ann’s Fort  536-2052
Operations Room, St Ann’s Fort      536-2211
Health Services Department, St Ann’s Fort   536-2109
Operations Room, Coast Guard                    536-2953
Paragon Base, Christ Church  536-2895
Barbados Cadet Corps Headquarters            536-2014
Main Guard 536-2030  

St. Anns Fort Garrison