Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

To become a leading organization in promoting, developing and advising on, commerce and consumer affairs complemented by facilitating   and informed commercial environment that is categorized by fairness and safe trading practices.


To advance and promote commerce and consumerism by ensuring that goods are reasonably priced that the importation and exportation  of goods id undertaken in accordance with international trading agreements  that products consumed by Barbadians meet national standards and measurement specification. That instrument and other devices used  in commercial activities are guaranteed to be accurate and that all these are achieved within an environment of well-organized and highly informed consumers.

Dept of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
Office 535-7000
Fax 535-7021
Director 535-7001
Deputy Director 535-7002
Trading Standards Officer 535-7004

Block #2  Suite 101,

Harbor Road,

St. Michael,

Barbados, W.I.