Barbados Fire Service

To efficiently protect the lives, property and environment of those who live, work, visit or invest in Barbados through fire safety education, code enforcement, hazard mitigation, fire suppression, emergency operation and excellent customer service.

Fire Service
Emergency 311
PBX 535-7824/25
Chief Fire Officer 535-7801
Deputy Chief Fire Officer 535-7802
Executive Secretary 535-7803
Fax 435-0794
General Office
Executive Officer 535-7810
Accountant 535-7816
Information Technology/Research and Planning 535-7804
Probyn St. St. Michael Control Room 535-7824/25
Officer-in-Charge 535-7821
Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Unit 535-7829
Arch Hall Control Room 535-7896/97
Officer-In-Charge 535-7980
Arch Hall – Fax 421-8666
Barbados Fire Academy 535-7884
Airport Control Room 535-78695
Officer-in-Charge 535-7864
St. James Control Room 535-7847
Officer-in-Charge 535-7849
St. John Control Room 535-7840
Officer-in-Charge 535-7841
Worthing Control Room 535-7868
Officer-in-Charge 535-7874
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard 624-0518
Divisional Officers
Lloydson Phillips Endeavour, St. James 421-2233
Ricardo Gittens Padmore Village, St. Philip 423-5648
Errol Gaskin Inch Cape Terrace, Wellhouse, St. Philip 423-2253
Station Officers
Ormond Fenty Rock Hall, St. Andrew 422-5258
Gordon Boxill Todds Land, St. George 433-3506
Mervin Mayers Shrewsbury Gardens, St. Philip 423-4644
Henderson Patrick Inch Cape Terrace, Wellhouse, St. Philip 571-8097

Level 5 General Post Office Bldg,


St. Michael

Barbados, W.I.

Mr. Errol Maynard

(Chief Fire Officer ag.)