Register a Marriage

*Registration for a Marriage Certificate is free of cost.*

To register the Marriages you must visit the Registration Department, Coleridge Street, Bridgetown.

It is the responsibility of the Marriage Officer or the Magistrate who performs the marriage to register that marriage.

Document to be produced:

1.) Fully completed duplicate original Marriage record - Marriage Card.

What information must be included in the Marriage Record?

  • Place of marriage
  • Date of marriage
  • Name and Surname of the husband
  • Name and Surname of the wife
  • Age of the husband
  • Age of the wife
  • Marital status of husband and wife
  • Addresses of husband and wife - present addresses (foreign addresses are not allowed)
  • Occupation of husband
  • Occupation of wife
  • Name and occupation of husband's father
  • Name and occupation of wife's father
  • Signatures of husband and wife
  • Signatures of witnesses
  • Signature of Marriage Officer or Magistrate
  • A fee of $10.00 (per copy) is charged to (Nationals) for the certificate
  • A fee of $20.00 (per copy) is charged to (Non-Nationals) for the certificate.