Apply for a Passport

How to Apply for a Passport

If you are a citizen of Barbados, you may apply for a passport from the Immigration Department in Barbados, or at one of  Barbados' diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

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If you are more than 16 years of age, you should complete an 'Application for a Barbados Passport' Form A in your own hand-writing.

- Use Block Letters for all names except your signature.

- Applications for children under the age of 16 should be made on Form B. 

- The application form should be accompanied by two (2) photographs.

- The photographs should not be more than five (5) centimetres by five (5) centimetres and should be taken by a professional photographer

- Please ensure that you sign your name in the boxes provided at the bottom of page two of the application form as well as the Declaration at Section 11, page four.

- The Form and one (1) photograph must also be certified by a person authorized to act as a guarantor. Specimens of passport Form A and Form B

All applicants should submit their original birth certificate or proof of citizenship along with their application.

If you do not have an original birth certificate, you may apply for one at the Registration Office, Supreme Court Complex, White Park Road, St. Michael, Barbados.

The fees for Passports are as follows.  The fees for passports issued by our diplomatic missions overseas vary from mission to mission. You should, therefore, check with the respective mission regarding the fee schedule.

New Passport Fees Effective December 01, 2010
Passport TypesBARBADOS 
Adult's Passport$150
Minor's Passport (under 16)$100
Businessman's Passport$225
Emergency Passport / Travel document$150
Replacement of Lost Passport$300
Urgent Passport (required in 1 day)$300
Urgent Passport (required in 2-5 days)$225
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