Data Protection Commission

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Data Protection Commission

This Unit has responsibility for:   

Upholding the rights of individuals to have their personal data protected. 

This process is tied to an individual’s constitutional right to privacy and comes with other additional rights. It also essentially imposes on anyone who processes data a set of obligations and responsibilities.

N.B: These rights, obligations and responsibilities are set out in the Data Protection Act, 2019-29 of the laws of Barbados. 


Main Activities:

      • Administer the regulatory framework of the processing of personal data
      • Registration of the Data Controller and Data Processor.
      • To promote public awareness and understanding of the risks, rules, safeguards and rights in relation to processing personal data/information.
      • Investigate complaints of data breaches.

      Data Protection Commission

      Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science & Technology 

      5th Floor, SSA Building


      St. Thomas

      Tel:  1 (246) 536-1200/ (246) 536-1212

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