Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance

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To provide efficient road network services, proper maintenance of Government building and vehicles, effective drainage solutions, special electrical services and public transportation.


To be the most efficient and innovative of such agencies among developing nations.


The objectives of the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance are:

  • To provide sound planning/policy advice and technical services in the areas of transport, works and electrical services.
  • To provide a well regulated and competitive environment for the land transport industry.
  • To provide an excellent and safe technology driven, modern and efficient public transportation system.
  • To provide a supply-driven integrated transport network infrastructure.
  • To maintain and rehabilitate highways, tenantry and residential roads and other public accesses.
  • To develop and maintain all government buildings, bridges, jetties and wharves and similar structures and other public assets.
  •  To develop, maintain and regulate road transport and ancillary facilities conducted through the Barbados Licensing Authority, the Transport Authority and private operators and the provision of ancillary services.
  • To promote safety in all work relating to roads, public transport and electrical systems management.
  • To regulate the traffic system in conjunction with the police.
  • To support other Ministries and government agencies in the execution and implementation of projects.
  • To provide effective standards and law enforcement and monitoring with integrity.
  • To provide effective flood alleviation and mitigation solutions across Barbados.

Dr. The Hon. William F. Duguid, J.P., M.P.
Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance

The Hon. Peter R. Phillips, M.P.
Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

Mr. Mark Cummins
Permanent Secretary

Mr. Anthony Wiltshire
Deputy Permanent Secretary

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  • Barbados Transport Authority
  • Road Maintenance Division
  • Building Standards Authority
  • Architectural Services
  • Traffic Management Section

Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance

  • Pine East/West Boulevard,
    St. Michael,
    P.O Box 25,
  • (246) 536-0000
  • (246) 437-8133

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