Immigration Department

The Immigration Department is committed to protection of the national interest of Barbados through:

  • the enforcement of  its Immigration and Citizenship Laws;
  • the provision of reliable, professional and humanitarian service to its clientele, both national and non-national; and
  • the pursuit of these objectives, within a framework which forms the basis for Government's decision and policy making,  which serves the interests of national security and promotes sustainable social and economic development.
Careenage House The Warf, St. Michael
PBX 535-4100
Fax 535-4183
Chief Immigration Officer 535-4192
Dep. Chief Immigration Officer 535-4191
Asst. Chief Immigration Officer (Work Permits) 535-4179
Asst. Chief Immigration Officer (Immigrant Status/Permanent Residence) 535-4158
Sen. Immigration Officer (Citizenship) 535-4114
Sen. Immigration Officer (Passports) 535-4150
Immigration Officer I (Passports) 535-4129
Sen. Immigration Officer (Immigration Status)
Sen. Immigration Officer (Investigations) 535-4139
Immigration Officer I (front desk) 535-4102
Immigration Officer I (Student Visas)
Data Processing Officer 535-4120
Asst. Data Processing Officer 535-4123
Research 535-4160
Accountant 535-4110
Asst. Accountant 535-4145
Executive Officer 535-4154
Grantley Adams Int. Airport 535-4128
Asst. Chief Immigration Officer (G.A.I.A Inc.) 428-7101
Passenger Terminal – Bridgetown 535-4172
Port St. Charles Marina 535-4178

Careenage House,
The Wharf,
St. Michael,
Barbados, W.I.