Labour Department

To promote and maintain a stable and harmonious industrial relation climate and provide employment services to the community.

Labour Department
Information 535-1500
Fax 424-2589
Chief Labour Officer 535-1502
Deputy Chief Labour Officer 535-1503
Assistant Chief Labour Officer 535-1504
Legal Officer 535-1530
Secretary to Chief Labour Officer 535-1525
Registry 535-1527
Industrial Relations Section
Senior Labour Officer 535-1505
Labour Officers 535-1506/7/8/9/10/11/12
Or 535-1533
Or 535-1566
Occupational Safety and Health Section
Information 535-1523/4
Senior Safety and Health Officer 515-1513
Safety and Health Officers 535-1514/5/6/7/8/9
Or 535-1520/1/2

2nd Floor East Warrens Complex,


St. Michael,

Barbados, W.I.


Mr. Vincent Burnett

(Chief Labour Officer)