Immigration Department


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Immigration Department

The Immigration Department is committed to the protection of the national interest of Barbados through:

the enforcement of  its Immigration and Citizenship Laws;

the provision of reliable, professional and humanitarian service to its clientele, both national and non-national; and

the pursuit of these objectives, within a framework which forms the basis for Government's decision and policy-making,  which serves the interests of national security and promotes sustainable social and economic development.


“BTI Corporate Centre”
Princess Alice Highway
Bridgetown BB11093


PBX:  535-4100
Fax:  535-4183
Chief Immigration Officer:  535-4192
Dep. Chief Immigration Officer:  535-4191
Asst. Chief Immigration Officer (Work Permits): 535-4179
Asst. Chief Immigration Officer (Immigrant Status/Permanent Residence): 535-4158
Sen. Immigration Officer (Citizenship): 535-4114
Sen. Immigration Officer (Passports): 535-4150
Immigration Officer I (Passports) 535-4129
Sen. Immigration Officer (Immigration Status)
Sen. Immigration Officer (Investigations): 535-4139
Immigration Officer I (front desk): 535-4102
Immigration Officer I (Student Visas)
Data Processing Officer: 535-4120
Asst. Data Processing Officer: 535-4123
Research: 535-4160
Accountant: 535-4110
Asst. Accountant: 535-4145
Executive Officer: 535-4154
Grantley Adams Int. Airport: 535-4128
Asst. Chief Immigration Officer (G.A.I.A Inc.): 428-7101
Passenger Terminal – Bridgetown: 535-4172
Port St. Charles Marina: 535-4178


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