Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Nutritional Security

Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Nutritional Security (MAFS)

To transform and re-position the Agricultural Sector in Barbados through the promotion of an Agri-business approach to farming, with particular attention being paid to the effective use of resources, as well as the adoption of appropriate technology and sound management practices in order to achieve internationally competitive production, processing and marketing enterprises, which contribute significantly to social and economic development and food security, as well as to the sustainable management of the natural resource base of the country.

Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Nutritional Security
Graeme Hall
Christ Church
Barbados, W. I.

Tel: (246) 535-5100 
Fax: (246) 535-5257 / 5258




   Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Nutritional Security
Main Office(246) 535-5100
Minister(246) 535-5110
Secretary to Minister(246) 535-5112
Fax(246) 535-5257
Personal Assistant to Minister(246) 535-5113
Permanent Secretary(246) 535-5115
Secretary to the Permanent Secretary(246) 535-5117
Fax(246) 535-5258
Deputy Permanent Secretary(246) 535-5124
Senior Administrative Officer(246) 535-5125
Chief Agricultural Officer (CAO)(246) 535-5118
Secretary to CAO(246) 535-5121
Dep CAO (Livestock)(246) 535-5119
Dep CAO(Crops)(246) 535-5120
Executive Officer(246) 535-5154
Entomology(246) 535-5103
Plant Pathology(246) 535-5252/56
Services Division(246) 535-5176
Extension Division(246) 535-5184
Pesticides Control Division(246) 535-5122
Food Crops(246) 535-5205
Central Agronomic Research Station
Tel(246) 535-5196/99
Cotton(246) 535-5210
Workshop(246) 535-5215
Accounts Division
Financial Controller(246) 535-5162
Senior Accountant(246) 535-5163
Accountant(246) 535-5164
Personnel Department
Senior Personnel Officer(246) 535-5145
Personnel Officer(246) 535-5146
Planning Unit
Chief Economist(246) 535-5136
Senior Economist(246) 535-5135
Projects Division
Director Projects(246) 535-5173
Communication Unit(246) 535-5123
Agricultural Health And Food Control Programme
Project Coordinator(246) 310-2861
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