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National Assistance Board

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National Assistance Board

The National Assistance Board was established by the National Assistance Act 1948 and abolished by the Supplementary Benefit Act 1966. It was preceded by the Unemployment Assistance Board and succeeded by the Supplementary Benefit Commission.

National Assistance Board
Murrell House
Country Road
St. Michael

PBX   (246) 535-3131
Director  (246) 535-1818
Assistant Director  (246) 535-1820

Vauxhall Senior Citizens Village
(246) 535-1808
(246) 535-1809
(246) 535-1810

Jorris Dunner Elderly Day Care Centre
(246) 535-1801
(246) 535-1802 
(246) 535-1803

St. Philip Branch   (246) 535-1804

Speightstown Seniors Recreational Activities Programme   (246) 535-1807

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