Transport Board

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Transport Board

In June of 1955, the then Governor of Barbados, Sir Robert Duncan Harris Aurndall, KCMG, approved draft legislation and the Transport Board was formed three months later by an Act of Parliament on August 24, 1955.

Weymouth Roebuck Street St. Michael
PBX(246) 535-3500
Fax(246) 535-3593
Accounts(246) 535-3534
Operations(246) 535-3576
Operations Department Call A Ride Hotline
Tel(246) 535-3576
Quality Assurance Department(246) 535-3561
Accidents(246) 535-3530
Complaints(246) 535-3529
Fairchild Street Terminal
Supervisors(246) 535-3677
Security(246) 535-3677
Customer Service(246) 535-3572
Or(246) 535-3573
Mangrove Depot(246) 535-3668
Quality Assurance Department(246) 535-3680
Princess Alice Terminal(246) 535-3679
Marketing Department(246) 535-3556
Charters(246) 535-3569
Speightstown Terminal(246) 535-3683
Or(246) 535-3684
Oistins Depot(246) 535-3672

Roebuck Street
St. Michael

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